Use Your Good Stuff Every Day

Remember growing up, our parents and grandparents had entire rooms only for special occasion use? I used to have an entire dining room decked out in the finest tableware only to use it literally 3 times a year. I learned this from my grandmother. That lady had style! The nicest clothes, jewelry, china sets… you name it, she had it! But there were so few times in later years that I saw her use or wear these items!

It wasn’t until I was packing away items for a big move (pre- Let’s Have A Bash days) that I spent hours rediscovering items that I had forgotten about long ago. The moving truck was half full of table setting, cloth, glassware–stuff I had only used maybe twice since I bought them off QVC one late, late, late night. They were bought with the intention that I would host more in my home, elevating the Thanksgiving experience that year, and adding to a collection to pass down to my daughters. For guests, I thought it made those moments more special to know I pulled out something I rarely use to entertain them. I didn’t realize that my guest, while appreciative of the thought, really did not care!

Years later, God whispered the dream of Let’s Have A Bash into my heart. Even HE said it’s time to use it or lose it! Now, I find myself pulling out the waffle maker, the best china, using my favorite coffee mugs in the middle of the week! I don’t need a special occasion because everyday is an occasion!

Here are a few ways you can use your good stuff now:

  • When you’re preparing for your next meeting, pull out the ceramic mugs, instead of the paper disposable ones. 
  • Your gala guests want a once in the lifetime experience. Prioritize the fun and dreamy. That’s what gets donation goals met, quarter financial gaps closed, and products and services flying into people’s carts!
  • Make time to acknowledge your team. Believe it or not, they are your good stuff too!
  • Your event success goes beyond the money you made, food served, and songs played. People want to feel like they are a part of something, useful to the greater goal, and important to you and the success of your business. Use whatever “good stuff” you have, now!

If we haven’t learned anything from the Pandemic of 2020, life is too short to not use the good stuff every day. Aren’t we special enough to nurture and cater to on the most regular days. We don’t have to accomplish something big in order to DESERVE to sprinkle an extra dose of affection for ourselves and the people we cater to. 

Use the good stuff now!


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