If you’re interested in intimate get togethers that range in activity from thought provoking workshops, memorable brunches, reasons to dress up for themed fun … you’ve landed in the right place. Our past guest often leave with not only a new experience but a new friend. A whole lotta fun is exactly what we have when we curate or events to invite others in-house. Follow us on our social media platforms and join our mailing list to keep in the know for the next bash.

We offer the following:

  • Event Management
  • Event Consulting & Design
  • Day of Event Coordinator
  • Our own curated events


Wow your event guests with an immediate focal point. Adding a bar to your event works as a conversation starter, allows people to serve themselves before or after the main activity, and helps drive home the event purpose and theme. Your bar can be stocked with most anything from essentials for a self serve station, provide thoughtful parting gifts, or it can take the functional approach.

Ask about our:

  • Themed designs
  • Food choices
  • Drinks
  • Merchandise
  • Bar attendant option


Gifts are an important way to say thank you at events; for sponsorship, busines or just simply for coming out. The type of event gifts you give can reinforce your company or personal values in a way that makes the recipient proud to be aligned with you, and more likely to share those good feelings with others.

We offer the following:

  • Favors
  • Reception & Guest Bags
  • Seasonal Gifting
  • Personalized Benchmark (Birthday, Anniversary, I’m Sorry)

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