Your Ultimate Holiday Checklist

Friends, the countdown to the Holiday season has begun! Just a few days left until we start transitioning our Halloween decorations to the family affair that is Thanksgiving. Then Christmas steals the show immediately after! It’s time to kick that holiday planning into high gear! Picture the perfect roast turkey, beautiful holiday cards, and a seamless transition from family board games to loose fitting pants after dinner. With just a dash of organization, a pinch of charm, and a whole lot of urgency, you’re on your way to hosting the holiday celebrations of the year! 

Secure Your Main Meats Early

Let’s start with the star of the show – the turkey, the bacon, the chicken… all of the main course items! Don’t wait until the last minute to grab yours. Pre-order now and be the belle of the ball. Whether you’re going for a traditional roast or adding your own twist, make sure you’ve got your main course meats secured.

Send Out Your Holiday Cards

Let your personality shine through those holiday cards! If you haven’t already taken your holiday photos, you’re a little behind the curve. Let’s go! Add some flair to your message and get them in the mail ASAP! A handwritten note saying how much you appreciate your loved ones will warm their hearts and set the tone for the festive season. 

Share the Cooking/Shopping List

Don’t try to do it all alone! Share the cooking and shopping list with your favorite helpers. Collaborate, delegate, and assign each dish to the right chef. You’re the master conductor of this culinary symphony, and everyone’s got their part to play. 

Organize Who’s Doing What

Coordinate who’s doing what with a flirtatious touch of finesse! Assign roles and responsibilities with charm and enthusiasm. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work! Whether it’s Aunt Sue’s famous cranberry sauce or your bestie’s sweet potato pie, make sure everyone knows their role and feels fabulous doing it.

Create a Decor Plan

The holidays are all about embracing your creativity, and your decor should be no exception. Plan out your festive table settings, centerpieces, and any DIY decor projects. When it comes to holiday decorating, let your imagination run wild, darling! Even get the family in on it to keep them occupied while dinner is finishing up.

Craft an On Point Playlist

Put together a playlist that’ll have your guests swooning. From smooth jazz to irresistible tunes for an impromptu dance party, your music choices can elevate the holiday atmosphere and keep some unwanted conversations at bay. 

With this checklist in hand, you’re all set to host the most memorable Holiday gatherings ever! If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. Your friends at Let’s Have A Bash are ready to be your favorite team player!


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