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Hey Friends Heyyyyyy … Like most everyone all over the world, I took a forced break from event planning and being up close and personal with what I love to do due to Covid. Fast-forward almost two years of no posts on my LHAB social media pages and I was bored, antsy and oh so ready to start working again.

Those who know me personally know that my birthday and Valentines day are my favorite holidays. I couldn’t think of a better way to get back into the swing of things than to host a fun get together for my friends on my birthday. By the way, my birthday will henceforth be referred to as National VanB Day <- (Look it up, it’s a thing). Hosting the party would give me an opportunity to DO what I love WITH some of the people that I Love.

National VanB Day …

  • Planning Started
  • List of Attendees Created
  • Invitations Sent
  • RSVP’s received
  • Day of .. Ready, Set, Party!

I was beyond thankful to my tribe for showing up to celebrate. We had great laughs over light lunch and goofed around while decorating cakes. Some of us .. me, I’m some of us ate more of the cake decoration than not. Each one of those ladies brought their unique personalities, lots of love, great conversation, and thoughtful gifts. To say we had a good time is an understatement and by the end of the of the day’s get together, each friend had made a new friend.

That small gathering was the best gift I could’ve received. It confirmed for me what I’d really missed doing and how it made me feel to express myself through my ideas. I love to entertain, create and come up with new ideas for fun times. Creativity is like breathing to me, I’d perish without it. So, here I am literally starting all over again. 

To that I say, get your party shoes on people .. Let’s Go Have Some Fun!!!

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